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We provide busy investment managers instant access to simple tools which transform them into AI-empowered innovators

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"


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No Bells. No Whistles. No 3D Animations.
Built to be Faster, Better and Easier for you.
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Gen AI Tailored to Investment Managers

FOL·Ai™ is a web-app, powered by Fol (the little green dot bot). It saves investment managers time and money by seamlessly filling the gaps where AI can help. You can:

  • Get instant answers to any text or data based queries

  • Complete whole DDQs in under 10 minutes using Smart Multi-Q

  • Easily create user-specific workspaces for any purpose

Helping you become superhuman

Advanced portfolio attribution and optimization tools for boutiques. No quant team? No matter. Let our AI guide you.

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Technology well used is a phenomenal thing. Reach your full potential.

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There's a tonne of competition for ordinary. Be extraordinary.

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No compromises

With FOL.Ai™, your data is secure, segregated and not used for training our models.
We use firewalls🔥, advanced encryption🗝️, and multi-factor authentication📱 to ensure top-level security. Plus we transform your data into secure vectors, making it indecipherable. Our promise: ultimate protection, simplicity, and peace of mind.


Need something a little more technical? Press the plus icons below.

Encryption and Secure Data Management

We implement robust encryption to secure your data, ensuring it's only readable by you. For stored data, we utilize the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), safeguarding it against unauthorized access. We adhere to the highest security standards, incorporating NCSC14 cloud principles and AWS's security best practices to guarantee your information remains confidential and secure.

Data Use and Learning Protocols

We adhere to a strict 'no personal data learning' policy, compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines. We guarantee that your data is not used for machine learning or algorithm training purposes, and no personal data is processed without explicit user consent.

Data Segregation, Anonymity Assurance & Access Control

Each user's data is isolated in encrypted, secure containers, following best practices as outlined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards. For any data analytics that are performed to enhance our services, we use only anonymized datasets stripped of all Personally Identifiable Information (PII), in line with the principles of Privacy by Design and by Default. Additionally, our platform enforces a robust multilayered Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system to ensure strong access control and add an extra layer of security to protect your data.

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